Gladys Beta for iOS

There is now a beta public link for testing out the latest betas of Gladys on iOS. Some may have some small tweaks from what’s available on the App Store and others may be big changes in functionality that need testing and feedback from a larger group of people before mainstream release.

You are very welcome to try out betas, and can stop using them at any time by just installing the App Store version instead, but please keep the following in mind:

  • Please back up any important data before using beta versions of apps. If you have data in Gladys which you are worried about losing, then either be sure to back it up, or avoid using beta versions.

  • While using the beta, Gladys will require a fake purchase of the unlimited mode expansion. All purchases while beta testing are free, as the confirmation box from iOS will also point out, so don’t worry that you are paying twice for the app.

  • Suggestions or thoughts on features are very welcome and will be given serious consideration.

  • Please report bugs you run into, don’t assume others will. You may be the only one seeing the issue because of your hardware and software combination.

If it all sounds good, then you can install the beta by following this link on your device.