Platform: Custom Linux
Technology: Java
Current Status: Licensed to third party

Latest news: Ecosystem is now a core part of the EU’s ISISEMD project, a European initiative attempting to improve the life of people with dementia in their homes. 

All electric devices in my office, as well as the security (pictured in the screenshot) is handled via the Ecosystem: a large, multi-tier project developed over a period of several years, now under license to Converge S.A.

It is essentially a very flexible building automation solution that can be installed, operated, and reconfigured at a fraction of the cost of competing automation solutions.  Its list of features is far too long to enumerate here, so you are referred to the original Ecosystem presentation for all the details on the actual product: 

Ecosystem utilizes TCP/IP and RPC extensively, can operate thousands of threads at any given time, and does all this without sacrificing any response time or creating any lag.  Ecosystem can scale on-the-fly from controlling a single appliance via SMS messages to controlling and monitoring an entire campus via SMS, wall keypads,  mobile phone remote control apps (bluetooth or TCP/IP), touch screens or tablets, all with pervasive user level access control and concurrent access.

Ecosystem's components can be added to, or removed from, dynamically.  New modules can be activated on the fly without affecting the operation of the greater whole, and sensor data can be processed from many sources, such as PLCs, LON networks, Z-wave modules, custom devices and so forth.

On the touchscreen UI side, new set of widgets had to be developed for reasons of ease of use on touch screens/pads, plus AJAX interfaces developed to reproduce the setups on remote web browsers.

All code in Ecosystem, from the core modules to the user interfaces was designed and implemented by me, to a specification by Ixor Ltd.