Platform: Windows
Technology: C# & VB.NET
Current Status: Actively Maintained

This project is related to the embedded ship recorder system Maestro

The initial "seed" of this project consisted of the need to play back recorded data on the desktop, but eventually grew to include three main inter-operating components:


The desktop-side of the Maestro recorder, this app would allow playback of recorded data, including simultaneous playback of six channels of audio, captured video, system logs, AIS, and all sort of captured NMEA data by the recorder.


This component runs on a ship and pools information from various Maestro installations. Designed with tolerance for tricky ship-board network conditions, this component coordinates and makes available the pool of recorded data over satellite internet.


This component runs on the company headquarters and allows gathering of data from various vessels over satellite internet, archiving them, selective playback, as well as live connection and playback of recorded data from vessels.