Take back control of your browsing experience.

A simple iOS extension that re-enables zooming in webpages that block it and returns control of the viewing experience back to you.  Simply enable this extension in your Safari activities menu, and select it when you need it.

The app keeps a PRIVATE editable history of zoomed URLs for your convenience, no data or tracking of any kind is ever sent outside your own devices, ever.

This is not a replacement for Safari's great Reader feature, but is perfect for those moments when, in the middle of reading a page, you need to zoom in to read some small text, scroll away from a distracting ad, or examine a detail in a webpage picture, and for some reason the page won't let you.

Since this extension tweaks code in the page you are viewing, it may "break" the layout in some cases (which you can simply restore by reloading the page) although many people would argue that a page that won't let you zoom was broken in the first place...

For questions, support, or suggestions, please email me directly at paul@bru.build