This is a straightforward app to help you achieve a chosen mind-state by generating what are known as "binaural beat audio waves" through your headphones.

Depending on the frequency that you pick, based on the chart included in the app, it can potentially help with sleep, meditation, relaxation, or even for getting a short burst of energy.

I have used similar apps for a while and have found them useful in helping me relax, or helping me float into a creative mood - Except most are overloaded with features that I never use and also cost money, have in-app purchases for "special programmes" and so on.


So I decided to build one that does the same, works offline, has no ads or spying, works well, and is free. There's also an Apple Watch app included which you can use if you're mediating or relaxing away from your phone.

As such, this app just generates the binaural frequency audio hum. You can then put it in the background and combine its audio with any other noise generator you like, or play music, radio, and so forth. All it does is create the useful brainwave frequency, and then it gets out of your way.

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Privacy Policy

Ooooo by itself does not record or collect any information at all. It has no internal analytics or logging, and reports nothing - in fact it utilises no network connectivity at all. iOS and watchOS may provide aggregate, anonymised, crash reports and/or installation statistics through Apple, depending on the privacy settings you have selected on your device.