Platform: iOS & watchOS
Technology: Swift
Current Status: Actively Developed

This app was an offshoot of the desktop project, and is based on the same codebase. Not only is it useful as an accessory to Trailer for many developers worldwide, but it is a great exercise in maintaining a multi-platform code base for a product. It's biggest strength lies in its extremely lightweight profile, both in size but also in performance. It can run all day in the background on your iPhone and won't even register on the battery usage chart in Settings. Another point of pride is that it contains every other feature from

Pocket Trailer is the iOS version of for OSX, an app for keeping track and getting notifications of GitHub and GitHub Enterprise pull requests, issues, comments, and merges, across repositories and servers.

  • Get info directly from the app, alerts in your notification centre, summaries in your today view, and now even a new Apple Watch Glance and app.
  • Link your account quickly & easlily by creating a GitHub API token, paste it in the quickstart window and you're set.
  • Filter your lists on-the-fly.
  • Extensive display and sorting options.
  • View comments and items directly in GitHub with just a tap.
  • View labels and status items such as CI messages.
  • See PRs and issues only from repositories you are interested in.
  • Keep an eye on unread comments by glancing at PocketTrailer's badge.
  • Latest iOS features such as background fetch and local notifications keep you up-to-date.
  • Optimised to be fast and light, both in resources and bandwidth.