Gladys for macOS BETA


a mac companion For gladys on ios

MacGladys is a companion app for Gladys on iOS, allowing you to share items synced to iCloud with your iOS device, or to be used as a standalone Mac version of Gladys. It features almost every feature of its sibling and is built from the ground-up as a completely native macOS app.

MacGladys is currently only available as a test beta version, in order to gather feedback and user testing. Please do not use it for mission-critical data or tasks.

The final version will be available on the Mac App Store when ready. This test version has no item limit, however the final version will require a 99-cent purchase to enable infinite item mode, like its iOS counterpart.

Please DO NOT use this software if you have mission-critical data on iOS Gladys that you cannot afford to lose or see corrupted, and you plan to use iCloud sync, or worried about any data loss or damage to your system (although extremely unlikely, as MacGladys is sandboxed) that could occur.

Download MacGladys BETA (build 512)

Updated 24th May 2018 — Requires macOS High Sierra

Please check back often for updates and improvements, as the beta will not auto-update. Please send comments, suggestions, and bug reports to paul@bru.build