Platform: iOS
Technology: Objective-C
Period of involvement: 2010 - 2011

When "Fweebi!" climbed to the top of the Greek iTunes charts in 2011 and stayed there for a week, it was a clear signal that small indie startups had arrived in a big way in Greece. While its functionality was limited in some ways, the app turned its native look and feel into an advantage, giving users lightning-quick access to coupons and offers that they themselves would be interested it, and not pushing it on them like spam. Turns out people were very interested in learning about offers, if you serve them up the right way.

News & Awards:

  • Fweebi was #1 on the Greek iTunes App Store for an entire week

This App was developed directly for Fweebi! - an “offer promotion done right” startup in Greece, and a great example for a medium-length project and a non-trivial iPhone app.  From the App Store text:

Fweebi is a fun and great way to save money on your favorite stores and brands real-time by receiving tailored offers at home or on-the-go.  Fweebi searches offers from your selected categories, stores and brands in your geographic area of choice or instantly around your current location. Simply choose the offers you like and save money!

The Fweebi iPhone app keeps to itself until you want to use it. No annoying SMS alerts and no spam!

  • Find offers by any geographic location

  • Click for instant view of all the offers around you

  • Tailored to your needs by category, stores and brands - no spam!

  • Favorite coupons or stores for easy access

  • Maps, directions, phone numbers etc for all participating stores

  • ...and much more!