Platform: iOS
Technology: Objective-C
Period of involvement: 2011 - 2013

There are no two ways about it, Netrobe is a gorgeous app. It is a great example of an app developed with a pixel-perfect degree of accuracy. A lot of the work consisted of going over designs and interactions to not only be one of the best fashion apps out there, but to be the most stylish, while also being powered by advanced features like realtime image background removal, custom interactions, and offline sync. All that and being butter-smooth as well.

News & Awards:

This is a good example of a totally custom UX iPhone app.  From the custom layouts, drag-and-drop controls, asynchronous server data syncing, to the background removal and photo editing screens, this app stands above many others in technical sophistication.  From the App Store text:

NETROBE for iPhone is the easiest way to manage your clothes and share your style with friends.

This wardrobe management application helps you upload your clothes online by photographing them on the spot and removing the background image or by searching through a database of clothes to find what you own. 

Create outfits, share your stylish looks with your friends and discover what your friends are wearing too. 

Use NETROBE to plan what to wear in your upcoming events, pack your suitcase for your next trip and create your own personal lookbook from the outfits you've worn or things you like.