Platform: iOS
Technology: Objective-C
Period of involvement: 2012 - 2013

iMoney is a financial management app. It's purpose is not to be everything to all people, but to specifically work an as accessory to the parent website.  It is meant to let users add and view expenses on the fly and with as little interference as possible. It was built to be extremely light, fast, and focused, and users awarded it by downloading it in huge numbers.

News & Awards:

  • was the top free app in the Greek iTunes App Store for a full week

Planned and built from the start as part of the core user experience, this companion app to the parent site was optimized for speed, looks, and ease-of-use, while at the same time exposing as much functionality as from the main site as possible, but without sidetracking or overloading the user.

Tailored specifically for the Greek market, attitude, and usage patterns, this app was launched simultaneously with the parent web site, and it was a great experience to be part of the creation of this completely new and independent project.