Platform: iOS
Technology: Objective-C
Period of involvement: 2011 - 2012

Like eFood, this is an app that I completely bootstrapped, including UX design, API and implementation. Not only did it reach and stay at #1 for a long while but the homepage-like design and drill-down navigation became a UX favourite for competitors' apps, in some cases almost carbon-copying the app and using their own icon sets.

The rights & source code of this app were sold to another contractor who later released a version with a hacked-up iPad mode and bolted-on features. I was not involved with that work, and it seems that the app has now been removed from the App Store completely. My design and API however continue to be used in the Android and Windows Mobile editions.

News & Awards:

  • app reached #1 on the Greek iTunes App Store and stayed there for close to two weeks

Plaisio is an application for iPhone, allowing users to browse products of Plaisio Computers SA ( This application enables you to:

  • Browse & view products of live

  • Discover New Arrivals , Special Offers, Sales and Stock House products

  • Customize results according to preferences

  • Scan Plaisio QR Codes with the pre-installed QR Reader compare up to 2 products

  • Contrast & Compare up to 2 products of the same category

  • Locate all Plaisio Stores using Google Maps

  • Add products to Favorites

  • Access Plaisio Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)

  • Get Price Alert Notifications

  • Receive the latest Plaisio newsletter

  • Contact Customer Support via e-mail or telephone